Prescott Valley, Arizona

A Flourishing Community Next to Prescott!

The Rapidly Growing Town of Prescott Valley, Arizona

What are two adjacent, thriving communities? A double bonus for residents! While the Town of Prescott Valley does not have the same historical background as Prescott, this newer community boasts of great planning for future growth and a wide array of entertainment, outdoors fun, businesses, and services.

Prescott Valley History

Prescott Valley has a rich antiquity of its own.  Archaeological evidence supports the habitation of human beings nearly 3,000 years ago. Glassford Hill, which overlooks the community, has observed many changes since its ancient formation from volcanic activity. Native Americans established settlements around the fifteenth century. Artifacts like sear points and cooking utensils indicate their existence in the area.

PV “Gold!”

In 1864, gold was discovered in the Bradshaw Mountains near what is now Prescott Valley. The area began to draw attention as a place where people might “strike it rich.”

The Fain Family

In the early 1900s, the Fain family claimed there homestead the region. Cattle and antelope made up the community for many years, but a new town began to grow. Prescott Valley was founded recently (by the standards of most large communities), in 1966.

Still Room to Grow

By the early 1970s, “Lonesome Valley,” as the area had been called, grew to about 600 residents. By 1978 the population was 1,520, Prescott Valley was officially incorporated. Now, with more than 45,000 residents, there is still plenty of room to grow. Yet the community retains a friendly, small-town ambience, creating one of the nation’s most desired neighborhoods in which to live, work, and have fun.

Prescott Valley, Arizona

Big City Entertainment with a Friendly Small Town Feel

Prescott Valley Entertainment

Findley Toyota Center and the Ed. District. Prescott Valley’s Findlay Toyota Center is a $35 million multipurpose facility near the center of town. Approximately 5,100 can be seated for soccer, hockey, and football This center hosts many concerts and musical events like Jackson Browne and Riverdance. Nearby is Harkins Prescott Valley 14, a state-of-the-art movie venue with all the latest films.

Golf. Looking for a great golf course? There are two just adjacent to the main part of town: The Stoneridget Golf and Country Club, and Quailwood Greens. Golf enthusiasts drive a long distance to play these clubs that are right in our back yard!

Prescott Valley New Homes

Residential Developments

Because of the room for growth around us, there are a number of residential developments in Prescott Valley, with more on the way. The Leslie Womack Real Estate Team will help you find a home you will adore. These friendly neighborhoods include:

  • Pronghorn Ranch. This lovely sector of Prescott Valley offers both open country and easy access to everything you need or want, be it healthcare, shopping, or great entertainment.
  • This is a sumptuous community. Some have compared living in Granville to a year-round vacation!

A Growing Town with Great Schools and Abundant Opportunities for Employment

Education and Jobs

Employment. Prescott Valley is the source of abundant employment and professional prospects. There is a large Yavapai Regional Medical Center in Prescott Valley, Printpak, Fry’s, Safeway, Home Depot, Walmart, Ace Valley Home Center, and many, many restaurants. Many jobs with the Town of Prescott Valley are open as well.

Education. Prescott Valley is a fine place to live and raise children, with the great, friendly schools, including: Liberty Traditional School, Coyote Springs Elementary School, Franklin Phonetic Primary School, Lake Valley Elementary School, and Acorn Montessori Charter School. We also have a campus of Yavapai Community College.

Prescott Valley, Arizona

Prescott Valley is a wonderful place to live! The Leslie Womack Real Estate Team will help you find the home of your dreams